Shopping for college students can undoubtedly be a nightmare. What would be the best gifts for students that wouldn’t only be memorable but also practical? Most students are busy preparing for their future. They have too much in their mind, and it often gets tricky to find out what they actually like.

In the end, you find yourself confused about what to gift them, which they would be able to use and will also hold a sentimental value. And just when the whole thing seems like a losing battle, we have the perfect answer, personalized gifts! That’s right! Who doesn’t like something that carries a personal touch?

Want to give someone a clear idea about the place they hold in your life? Give them personalized gifts and witness the glow on their face. Students are no different in this regard. So if you are struggling to think of creative ideas for gifts for students, you have come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s dig right into it and elaborate on the perfect items to gift students this year.


There could be so many reasons due to which you will need the perfect gift for students. Maybe it’s his graduation day, and you want to let him know how proud you are of his achievements. Graduation is undoubtedly one of the most vital days in the life of every student. It’s the day when all his hard work pays off. Surely you’d want to gift him something that will not only convey your congratulatory message but also make him feel special.

It could also be a gift for an upcoming birthday. Most students like to celebrate their birthday with style. And why not? This is one day when they are willing to take a break from their studies without any guilt. Surely you would want to make him all the more special on his day with the perfect gift.

The best thing is that personalized gifts work for every occasion. But what should be that personalized item? What will the students love? Confused? Don’t fret, as we have plenty of ideas that you will find pretty useful.


Ask any student what they spend most on, and they will reply with journals. After all, they have a ton of notes to write and assignments to complete. But with your gifts for students, you have the opportunity to tell them there’s more to life than that.

Students should be encouraged to express themselves and share their life experiences. Of course, students are often reluctant to do so with their elders. But why not show them a new way by introducing them to the world of writing? Yes, personalized refillable journals will undoubtedly give them something to cherish for life.

With this thoughtful gift, you can ensure that they don’t forget to live life to the fullest amidst all the future planning and studying.


Many moments come in a student’s life that he cherishes forever. After all, this is the period wherein one makes most memories. And you can make him, or her feel special with a personalized photo frame.

You can create a collage on the photo frame or make it have a design of something that’s special for your loved one. This will convey to him just how much you care for him and hold all his memories dear to your heart.


Student life can be pretty stressful. There are times when you are overwhelmed with everything. And all you need is something that will give you a relaxing and soothing vibe. This is where candles can do their magic.

Yes, candles are definitely not the first things that come to mind when one thinks about gifts for students. And it’s probably not something he would be expecting. But soon enough, he will realize its value, especially during the cold season.

Candles have a relaxing vibe to them. They can make any environment look welcoming and cozy. You can have the student’s initials engraved on the candle to give it a personal touch.


It’s natural to be worried about the health of students. After all, quite often, they get so immersed in their studies that they forget all about their health, especially when exams are near.

It’s not uncommon for students to not even drink a drop of water throughout the day as they struggle to complete their syllabus. And that idea is enough to terrify just about everyone. But you can give them a much-needed reminder with a personalized gift.

This year, gift the student a water tracker bottle which will enable him to keep track of his daily consumption of water. You would be surprised at how effective the strategy proves to be. And you can take the gesture a bit ahead by personalizing the bottle with the student’s name, aspirations, and goals, and so on.


Student life is truly incomplete without coffee. How else will they be able to pull off those all-nighters preparing for upcoming tests and exams or finishing assignments? So here’s your chance to make things easier for them with your personalized gifts.

Give him a coffee tumbler that will keep the drink at the desired temperature for long. And don’t forget to add the personal touches to it. You can incorporate his name or photos into the design. This will not only keep your favorite drink ready for his consumption but also prove to be an excellent addition to the room as dĂ©cor.


This is one of the easiest gifts for students that you can get pretty creative with. It’s pretty unlikely that there’s a student who doesn’t enjoy a beverage of some sort.

Nothing works better than a steaming cup of coffee or tea to relax you when you are tired from all the studying. So a coffee mug undoubtedly comes pretty handy. And if the cup is personalized, you surely have a winner. After all, every time the student takes a sip, he will recall how you made him feel special with the gift. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


Students can’t really imagine their life without their phones, can they? If they aren’t studying, they are busy with their phones, talking to friends, playing games, or browsing the internet.

If you want practical gifts for students, here’s the perfect answer. Students often crib about forgetting to charge their phones. So why not gift them something that takes care of this problem for good?

Of course, since you want to give them personalized gifts, you can play around with the wireless charger too. Have a picture printed on the charger and make it just the gift that every student needs!


For some reason, students often find themselves with a damaged phone. It seems like no matter how hard they try, the thing just keeps slipping away and crashing on the floor.

But you can change that with a phone ring holder. The phone ringer holder will provide an ergonomic grip and enable the students to use their phones with ease. Yes, it will no longer slip away. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


Student life can’t really be complete without a backpack, can it? So here is the gift for students that they will not only find functional but pretty sweet too.

You can personalize the bag in a variety of ways to give it a unique look. All of us know just how much students love to flaunt something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. So here’s your chance to make it easier for them by gifting them a bag that will carry all of their stuff and also sport a unique design that they will love.


If we are talking about personalized gifts, we can’t forget about accessories. Students have so much stuff to carry, right? From ID cards and money to keys and pens. You can make things easier and more convenient for them with a personalized small carrying bag that will accommodate everything.

And if you are gifting it to a girl, she can put her makeup accessories in it too. So find a stylish and versatile bag and personalize it with their name. You will be surprised how thankful they will be for their valuable gift. After all, who doesn’t like something that ensures that all their items can be carried around safely in an organized manner?


Students love to dream of a break, don’t they? So this year, you can gift them something which they will truly cherish.

Most students love to sport comfortable yet stylish clothing. And Hawaii t-shirts are the perfect combination of both. And you can personalize these shirts with their name, favorite quote, movie, and so much more.

And the best thing about gifting t-shirts is that these really come in handy! From school to events and even vacations, one really can’t go long without a good comfortable shirt, right?


Let’s move onto some funny personalized gifts now. Who says that gifts for students have to be always functional?

You can unleash your creative side with this gift idea. Get adorable designs on the socks with their name or even a picture printed on them. This wouldn’t only make them feel special but will also inevitably bring a smile to their face.


Students have a funny sense of humor, don’t they? Of course, it gets easier to deal with the stress of studies, exams, and assignments by seeing the fun side of it all. You, too, can participate in this fun by gifting them a personalized yard sign.

Have funny captions, quotes, and similar stuff printed on the yard sign, and let the fun begin. The student can either put it in the front yard or outside the gate and smile every time he passes through it. There are no better gifts for students than something that makes them laugh.


Sure, technology has made life easier for students. They have wider access to information that can help them in their education. However, they also need more memory to store this information, and this is where a flash drive can help them out.

So if you want ideas for functional and personalized gifts, this one will be perfect. Get a flash drive with their initials engraved on it and in their favorite color combination. The monogram will make the gift special, and of course, the flash drive is something that they will be able to use for a long time to come.


This one’s a bit tricky since sooner or later, the pen’s ink will run out but don’t worry as the sentiments won’t be drying out anytime soon. You must have often heard about students having a lucky pen that they cherish and write all their important exams with.

So here’s your chance to gift them such a pen which they will really value. Personalize it with their names, pictures, or similar other things and watch them use it with pride.


If there’s one that resonates with people’s emotions, it’s a personalized gift. There can be no other way to give someone something that he will truly cherish for life. And it’s so easy to arrange such gifts for students.

While on the outlook, it might look that shopping for gifts for students is challenging. But if you think about it, students typically need some pretty basic stuff. It’s up to you to determine how to transform the simple items into something more meaningful. And it’s not really that difficult.

All you need to do is find a good printing facility, and everything will fall into place. Buy stuff that students will be able to use in their everyday life and personalize them by printing something special on them. Yes, it is that easy! So if you want to gift students something for back-to-school season, you know what will work!