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pledged of US$ 1,000 goal 

26 days to go

As promised, every month we will be donating parts of our profits to a reputable charity. And the organization chosen by most voters in August is  American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Every day, you can visit this website to update the amount we will donate at the end of the month

Remember that every time you buy something on our website$0.5 will be donated. It means that you’re helping disadvantaged people all over the world.


  • Giving to charity goes beyond just helping your favorite cause, as you may not realize. Donating can be beneficial for your own well-being as well. Whatever kind of charity you choose – supporting people living in poverty, advocating for the environment, helping animals, and addressing other local and global issues – charities need your support to continue their selfless work, but giving can be just as rewarding as receiving! 

    At Family Gater, we’re committed to helping make the world a better place for all! We wanted more than just a company that makes profits for its investors — we want to ensure Family Gater is contributing something good back into society as well.

    That’s why today, we’re joining thousands of individuals and organizations to give back and contribute our part to society.

    Starting this August, for each Family Gater product sold, $0.5 will be contributed towards supporting a reputable charity. We aim to donate at least $1000 every month.

    Do you want to be the change? Do you want to make a difference in society? If so, please continue to support us! You will not only get great products at an affordable price, but also donate money to charities and help people in need.

    We believe that if everyone gave just one dollar more each year, we could help lift millions of people around the world. Let’s all do something for the greater good of humanity!

  • Updated November 2021 ($280)
  • Update October 2021 ($350)
  • Update September 2021 ($324)
  • Update August 2021
  • ASPCA-$500.00
  • Update July 2021

    Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation – $50